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Asian Animation Education Network: Establishment and Management

Co-creating Asian Culture and Industry Through Higher Education in the Filmic Arts

The original consortium consisting of animation departments from Korea National University of Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, and Communication University of China has solidified its bond in the past decade offering top-tier learning opportunities to its master’s level animation students. 

The selection into CAMPUS Asia Mode 2 accelerated and amplified the synergy to produce unprecedented results including dual-degree programs and short- to long-term student exchanges.

In each of the five years of Mode 2, the students engaged in collaborative animation production projects including both online and offline conditions, and students from all three countries experienced firsthand animation and film-related education their partner universities in foreign lands have to offer. 

In the new round of CAMPUS Asia, the consortium will expand into ASEAN regions and build the Asia Animation Education Network (AAEN).

Starting with an extensive research into the current animation education available in ASEAN countries, the core JCK schools will initiate conversations and programs to develop animation curricula for students and faculty that will contribute to the advancement and maturation of Asian culture.