2010 Co-work Animation Project

The animation departments of Korea National University of Arts and Tokyo University of the Arts held the collaborative Co-work animation production workshop for ten days starting December 9th. Students gathered in the K-Arts studio and balanced harmony and discord in their collaborations. Completed animations were presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 SEOUL. We encourage you to view the productions that resulted from the initial collaboration between two of Asia’s leading institutions in the field of animation.

Project details


Tokyo University of the Arts began organizing an international exchange program for Asian countries focused on Japan, China and Korea, with a three-year-plan beginning 2010. Co-work is part of the program, managed by the Department of Animation at Tokyo University of the Arts in association with graduate schools of animation in China and Korea. The partner university for the first year of the project is Korea National University of Arts, an institution that stands firmly at the zenith of arts education in Korea. Other institutions from China are expected to join in coming years.


The goal of the project is for each group to create a one-minute animation, resulting in eight minutes of animation in total. Collaboration throughout the production process not only strengthens the network between universities, but also widens the international perspective of the participants.

Interpreters and Coordinators

Kim Joon Yang (K-Arts faculty), Hiromitsu Murakami (Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media Assistant Professor)

Production Plan 

12/9 Thu – Participants arrive, group session

12/10 Fri – Production design, presentation in groups

12/11 Sat – Production

12/13 Mon – Screening, development

12/14 Tue – Sound mixing, final editing

12/15 Wed – Presentation and Exhibition at SIGGRAPH Asia


Productions screened at SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 with presentations on the production process


Korea National University of Arts / Tokyo University of Arts Supervising Professor

Prof. Park Park Sehyung (K-Arts School of Films, TV and Multimedia, Dept. of Animation)

Prof. Lee Jungmin (K-Arts School of Films, TV and Multimedia, Dept. of Animation)

Prof. Mitsuko Okamoto (Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate, School of Film and New Media)

K-Arts Master of Fine Arts, Department of Animation

The Master of Fine Arts course at the Korean National University of Art’s Department of Animation is a highly selective program offering an in-depth curriculum for aspiring animators and animation filmmakers. K-Arts engages top experts within Korea and abroad and ensures that its facilities are equipped with the latest technology. In addition, one-on-one tutoring with professionals and collaborations with other artistic fields makes K-Arts one of the most competitive institution for animation in Korea. The institution continually strives to be a leader in animation.

Tokyo University of the Arts

The main campus of Tokyo University of the Arts is located in Ueno Park, a historic area in north-central Tokyo famous for museums, spring cherry blossoms and examples of Edo period architecture. The university is regarded as the most prestigious institute for fine arts and music in Japan. The high-level entry examination ensures that the only the highest-caliber students are admitted. The university boasts many distinguished artists on its teaching staff and outstanding facilities. The University Library contains about half a million volumes relating to fine arts and music, many of which are rare and valuable. In 1998, the new concert hall Sôgakudô, a triumph of both architectural and acoustic achievement, was built as a replacement to the aging and deteriorating wooden concert hall and with the purpose of facilitating demanding new types of performance. The University Art Museum, a major collection of artifacts of national importance, plays a central role in the preservation of Japan’s cultural assets and the presentation of university work to the general public. The Faculty of Fine Arts owns an off-campus research center in Nara, one of the ancient capitals of Japan, home to many of the nation’s cultural assets. Accommodation is provided, allowing students and staff access to the many research and preservation projects taking place in the region. The university is keen to strengthen its overseas links, developing in recent years a number of exchange programs with institutes of fine arts and music overseas.

Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation

The Department of Animation in the Graduate School of Film and New Media at Tokyo University of the Arts aims to reconfigure the increasingly diffuse world of animation, evaluate the originality of animation in this country from an international perspective, and focus on education, research and the cultivation of creative talent in order to sustain this genre’s autonomous development.

Curriculum (Graduate Education and Research)

The Department of Animation is developing a corpus of required subjects including animation methods and production in collaborative environments, and is creating opportunities for hands-on experience and study of animation as a visual art. The department is collaborating with animation creators and introducing new perspectives on the animation production system and new ways of critiquing animation to cultivate the appreciation of animation as an art form.

Team A

Ferris Wheel

1 min 40 secs | 2D Digital drawing, Cutout

PARK Yong Jae (K-Arts)

YOSHIDA Maho (Tokyo Geidai)

Team B



1 min 17 secs | 2D Digital drawing

LEE Sung Hwan (K-Arts)

YAMAKITA Mayuko (Tokyo Geidai)

Team C


Magic Pencil

1 min 32 secs | Stop motion, Drawing

KIM Go Eun (K-Arts)

MORISHITA Toyomi (Tokyo Geidai)

Team D


1 min 48 secs | Digital cutout

OH Seung Chul (K-Arts)

SUGAYA Ai (Tokyo Geidai)

Team E

Loving and Barking

1 min 11 secs | 2D Digital drawing

HA Juan (K-Arts)

SATSUMA Hiroko (Tokyo Geidai)

Team F


1 min | 2D Digital drawing

KIM Do Hyung (K-Arts)

HU Yuanyuan (Tokyo Geidai)

Team G

Real & Fake

1 min 46 secs | Digital drawing

CHO Kook In (K-Arts)

IIDA Senri (Tokyo Geidai)

Team H

The room is filled with your silent voice

2 mins | Motion graphic, Digital cutout

LEE Min Ah (K-Arts)

IMABAYASHI Yuka (Tokyo Geidai)