2011 Co-work

Tokyo University of the Arts Animation Co-work with K-Arts

Ten-day Co-work project with the K-Arts MFA Course 

The Master of Fine Arts course at the Department of Animation at K-Arts is a highly selective program offering an in-depth curriculum for aspiring animators and animation filmmakers. K-Arts engages top experts within Korea and abroad and ensures that its facilities are equipped with the latest technology. In addition, one-on-one tutoring with professionals and collaborations with other with other artistic fields makes K-Arts one of the most competitive institution for animation in Korea. The institution continually strives to be a leader in animation.

Fire, Water & Rice

50 secs | 2D Digital drawing

KWAK Ki Hyuk (K-Arts)

ZHU Yantong (Tokyo Geidai)


46 secs | 2D Digital drawing

PARK Yoo Na (K-Arts)

KAWAI Yumi (Tokyo Geidai)


1 min 9 secs | Stop motion, Pixilation

KIM Do Hyung (K-Arts)

MIYAZAKI Shizuka (Tokyo Geidai)

While You Were Working

1 min 39 secs | Stop motion, Drawing

LEE Yeo Jin (K-Arts)

USUI Satomi (Tokyo Geidai)

and then…

1 min 20 secs | 2D Digital drawing

OH Sang A  (K-Arts)

KAWAGUCHI Eri (Tokyo Geidai)

Papercup Fight

1 min 5 secs | Stop motion

LEE Sung Hwan (K-Arts)

SADAYASU Natsumi (Tokyo Geidai)

Play Go

1 min 35 secs | Stop motion

KIM Go Eun  (K-Arts)

MURAMOTO Saki (Tokyo Geidai)

Small World

1 min 55 secs | Drawing, Stop motion

BYUN Jung A (K-Arts)

NAKAMURA Hitomi (Tokyo Geidai)