2012 Co-work

This international collaborative project for masters and undergraduate students has been held since 2010 and is an essential annual event at the K-Arts Department of Animation.

This project pioneers teaching methods for animation production and promotes international cooperation and friendship among northeast Asian countries. It explores ideas in innovative ways, addresses contemporary issues, interactively engages viewers in discovery, and stimulates their intellect and imagination. Graduate and undergraduate students at K-Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, and Communication University of China are invited to participate.

Winter 2012 marks the first collaboration between K-Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts and Communication University of China in this Co-work project to create animation.

During the nine-day Co-work production workshop, students create 30-second animation challenging innovation and excellence in experimental animation. The thought-provoking works explore ideas with experimental techniques and addresses contemporary issues and engage viewers in a critical exploration of Korean, Japanese and Chinese culture. The faculty community from the graduate animation departments at K-Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts and Communication University of China are invited.

Team A


1 min | Digital cutout

OKAMOTO Noriko (Tokyo Geidai)

PARK Yoo Na (K-Arts)

WANG Tianshu (CUC)

Team B

I want to be together

59 secs | Drawing

KUBO Yutaro (Tokyo Geidai)

KWAK Ki Hyuk (K-Arts)

LI Meng (CUC)

Team C


1 min

SHIBUYA Takashi (Tokyo Geidai)

FENG Jun (K-Arts)


Team D


30 secs | Cutout

KAWAKAMI Ayaho (Tokyo Geidai)

KO Seung Ah (K-Arts)

YANG Chunxue (CUC)

Team E

6 –six-

1 min 8 secs | 3DCG, Digital drawing

HARUNARI Tsumugi (Tokyo Geidai)

LEE Je Rim (K-Arts)

DUAN Wenkai (CUC)

Team F

A day

57 secs | Digital drawing

KOYANO Moe (Tokyo Geidai)

HASHIMOTO Kurumi (K-Arts)

DENG Yaoyi (CUC)