2014 Co-work

The collaboration takes place in Yokohama for the first time. An expanded program including a “boot camp” is carried out in parallel, and the proceedings are broadcast by the Japan Broadcasting Corporation under a new concept. After the project is concluded, the participants attend the Hiroshima Animation Festival.


Three represents balance and completion, overcoming duality and giving rise to all things.

Team A

Member : JEON Jin Kyu (K-Arts) OGAWA Iku (Tokyo Geidai), JU Ran (CUC)

Format : Digital drawing

Time : 1min 8secs

Team B


Member : LEE Yun Jeong (K-Arts) KINOSHITA Eri (Tokyo Geidai), YUAN Meng (CUC)

Format : Digital drawing

Time : 1min 45secs

Team C


Member : JANG Nari (K-Arts) RYO Kaori (Tokyo Geidai), LIU Jiao (CUC)

Format : Cutout

Time : 1min 24secs

Team D

Member : LEE Ae Rim (K-Arts) KOMAZAKI Tomomi, LIU Xinxin (Tokyo Geidai), XIA Yang (CUC)

Format : Digital drawing

Time : 2mins  

Team E

Member : KIM Minsu (K-Arts) KATAYAMA Takuto, Chayanit K. (Tokyo Geidai), LI Bingqing (CUC)

Format : Digital drawing

Time : 1min 40secs