Project Description

2015 Co-work

A screening and seminar are held in Kanazawa to present the results of the collaborations. The presentation and animation festival screening are held together. Apart from the three main participating universities, a guest university is invited from each of the three countries.


A meeting is a new beginning and an encounter with another version of myself.

Team A

Member : CHA Ji Hoon (K-Arts) ITO Keigo, YANO Honami (Tokyo Geidai), ZHANG Lulu (CUC)

Format : 2D drawing, 3DCG, Pixilation

Time : 1min 41secs


A journey takes place from 10 to 0, beginning in the evening and ending at dawn.

The numbers 10 to 0 are arranged in order.

Four students express each of the numbers with their own designs.

Our story plays out in the sky above Tokyo University of the Arts, and the journey ends as the numbers gather in a binary system reminiscent of a computer.

Team B

Member : SUNG Yeon Jin (K-Arts) OHYAMA Erica, OH Yunjae (Tokyo Geidai), GUO Jin (CUC)

Format : Hand drawing, 2D Digital drawing

Time : 1min 30secs


The “salad bowl” is like a new kind of slang that means “a gathering of the species.”

The anthropomorphic vegetables represent a dream of a world in which people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds can live together with mutual respect and in harmony.

Team C

Member : CHOI Hee Seung, JO Hyeaon Been (K-Arts) MUKAI Natsuki, HUANG Wenrui (Tokyo Geidai), WANG He (CUC)

Format : Hand drawing, 2D Digital drawing

Time : 1min 38secs


When the characters meet each other, they create something new that sparkles brightly.

A red cat torments a blue mouse.

A yellow bird comes between them and comforts the mouse.

Then the bird and mouse join to make a new spark.

In the end, the cat asks the mouse for forgiveness and the three characters dance while watching the fireworks in the night sky.

Team D

Member : KIM Go Eun, PARK Ji Young (K-Arts) INOUE Kojiro (Tokyo Geidai), HWANG Xinting (CUC)

Format : 2D Digital drawing

Time : 1min 8secs


The dressing inside the refrigerator contains a liquid that has become separated.

The two parts of the liquid come to life and try to reach each other, but they are unable to do so.

When they are brought out of the refrigerator and are mixed by human hands, the separated liquids finally reunite.

In the end, the dressing is returned to the fridge where it becomes separated once more.


Team E

Member : KIM Youn Ji, KIM Bom (K-Arts) MIYAJIMA Ryotaro (Tokyo Geidai), LI Hanxu (CUC)

Format : Digital drawing, Chinese ink

Time : 1min 17secs


It begins with the creation of a male and female character made of filament.

They look different from filaments of an older generation.

The male and female filaments meet and fall in love.

They join together into a double-coil, creating a new filament being.