2016 Co-work

In an expanded version of the collaborative project, professors and students are invited as participants from guest universities beyond the three main participating institutions (Korea National University of Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, and Communication University of China).


Seeing the invisible and seeing things from a different angle.

Team A

Member : DUANMU Junqing, MORINAGA Daiki, LEE JeeYoon, JIU Zi

Format : Stop-animation, paper cut, 2D digital

Time : 1min.

Concept : We always have some problems, but with imagination we can discover solutions beyond the regular rules and make the real and unreal worlds into one.


One day, a pink baby elephant discovers that her color and size are different from the others. She wants to be like them! She tries hard but fails. When she is feeling sad, she finds PS…

Team B

Member :  FUKUJI Akino, JOO SooHyen, XU Shu

Format : 2D Computer drawing, real images

Time : 1min.

Concept : Each traveler is designed by a team member


Two archaeologists climb the bodies of real people and explore the human body with a map and compass. They explore the nostril cave and climb up the belly. At the end of their difficult exploration they find a soft “lip rock” and decide to take a break. Suddenly the mouth starts to move and takes a huge breath, and the two archeologists are eaten. The next day, journalists from around the world gather at the “lip rock” to cover the strange movement of the ground. The camera gradually moves from the “lip rock” and a big face appears. When the camera moves further, a girl sleeping on a couch appears. After a while, the girl sneezes. Unlike the busy situation at the “lip rock,” the girl seems to be in peace.

Team C

Member : TANI Yosuke, Jung SoYeon, HAM HeyYoung, Li Yanfei

Format : 2D digital painting, hand drawing

Time : 2min.


Students from three countries, China, Japan, and South Korea, express their first impressions and show the process of change. When the image passes to the next person, it naturally transforms using morphing techniques. At the end, all of the students appear. Students transform in the order of Yosuke (depicted by Yanfei) – Yanfei (depicted by Hyeyoung) – Hyeyoung (depicted by Soyeon) – Soyeon (depicted by Yosuke).

Team D

Member : FUJIHATA Komitsu, HEO YoungKook, BAO Haojun

Format : Digital 2D animation

Time : 1min.


One day, a girl is cleaning her room while looking for one of her socks. When she takes a look under the bed, she finds a bunch of mice living there. And she discovers that a mouse is sleeping in her sock. She kindly leaves her socks and decided to wear a different sock.

Team E

Member : MURAMATSU Leina, OH Sanga, LI Hanxu

Format : Pixilation, 2D, hand-draw animation

Time : 1min.15sec.


Three students are sitting in front of a table with onions. They start peeling the skin of the onions. Then, food from Korea, Japan, China comes out of the onions, and the students start tasting the dishes one by one. Their imaginations unfold on the screen. After finishing their food adventures, they look happy. New buds come from the onions, and the buds grow bigger and bigger until many flowers blossom on the earth.