2017 Co-work

Pre-production is carried out in Japan while production and post-production are carried out in China. The three universities from Korea, China, and Japan are chosen by CAMPUS Asia and begin discussions regarding the expansion of the program and the establishment of a joint degree program.


Is there a difference between the words wakefulness and enlightenment?

Team A

Member : GUO Zihao, JEON Soeun, LEE Seung-hee, TAKAGI Anna

Format : 2D, Stop-animation

Time : 1m 

Concept: Why time keeps running away.


In a folktale, a cat doesn’t become a zodiac in the scheme of a mouse chases a mouse.

As the mouse runs away, twelve animals symbolizing Time run away.

So the time keeps on going chased by cat.

Team B

Member : SAITO Kohei, SHIMIZ Haruka, JUNG Jimin, MIN Ruoyu

Format : Drawing, Ink painting

Time : 2min


The situation of the 4 people is similar to us.

We are Oriental people who living in Westernized culture.

But I think we have different sense native from Western people.

The sense come back to us accidentally and it remind us that our roots is in orient

Team C

Member : HIRAMATUS Haruka, KIYAMA Mizuki, Lee Jeeyoon, WU Hao

Format : Paper cut-out.

Time : 2min 8sec


This is the story about a boy who born as unfortunate.

So everybody avoid him.

One day, he meet a dog which has same fortune.

For that his life begins to change.

Team D

Member : KAIHATSU Michiko, LIU Qiang, SASAKI Eri, SON Yeeun

Format : 2D animation, Digital cut-out

Time : 1m 22sec


People and things sleep and float in the sky at night.

There are looks like stars.

Every night, when the sun goes down, one rooster runs back to the hen roost and then another rooster runs out the hen roost.

There are 7 roosters in the hen roost and each rooster stands for a day of the week.

The rooster shouts as he runs: “cock a doodle doo!!”

His voice revives the whole word.

Everyone awakes from sleeping and falling to the ground.

People begin their day’s life.

Then the rooster will float in the sky and he will become the sun.

Team E

Member : LUO Sitia, MAEHATA Yuki, SHIM Gyuwon, YU Qiuyu

Format : Digital drawing

Time : 1m 50sec


There are 3 Characters who wears colored glasses in different colors.

They are wearing blue, yellow and red lenses glasses.

They only can see the world through their own colored lenses.

So they can see the world in one color.

And each one of them can`t see the other colors.

They are all walking on the road to find the same flower.

They meet at a crossroad but there’s no flower they’re looking for.

When they’re figuring out what to do, they crush each other and it makes their glasses break.

After the glasses broken, they can see whole colors in the world and the Flower!

Now they see the colorful world and feel happy together.