2018 Co-work

Pre-production is carried out in China while production and post-production are carried out in Japan. Mutual semester exchange system among 3 universities in Korea, China and Japan was established. K-Arts hosted a MR workshop, Tokyo Geidai hosted a Game Making Workshop and CUC hosted a Folk Art Workshop. 


Metamorphosis is a fundamental expression in animation. This year’s theme focuses on an animation technique and not a story idea.

Team A

Members: LI Nian Ze, YUN Sin Jung, LIU Qiang

Supporter: Junqing DUANMU, CHOI Hee Seung

Music: REN Wei, Kano SAKAI 

Sound: Kentaro KIMURA

Format: Stop motion

Time: 1min 21sec

Concept: :The metamorphosis of water drop, emotion and season.


When a person steps on the water, a small drop of water is born……

Team B

Members:  Namiko ISHIDATE, YANG Jianhua, SHIN Gi Haeng, SHI Tian

Supporter : KO Seung Ah

Music: Haolun GU, Yuki ITO

Sound: Taiki WATANABE

Format: Stop motion, 2D Drawing

Time: 1min 2sec

Concept: Soil is the mother of all things.


The title of our work “Jomool Jomool” is based on the Korean onomatope of making things manually, such as kneading clay.

Jomool is also the Korean name for the Chinese god of creation.

Our work represents both ideas of creation and making things with our hands — it shows how everything was borne out of soil and then developed into civilization, then repeating itself all over again.

Team C

Members: Amane ABE, AN Seon Woo, YAO Yangzhao

Supporter: SHIM Gyuwon 


Sound: Sakiyo NAKAYOSHI

Format: Drawing 

Time: 1min 37sec

Concept: Peace and love in the war


The story background is Syria war.

Father lost his home and family.

He try to find his son but just the family photo under the rubble…

Team D

Members: LIU Yi Nan, Shiika OKADA, KWON Minji, LIU Yali, LI Tianyu 

Music: ZHU Modanqing     

Sound: HsinRu LIN

Format: Hand drawing 

Time: 1 min. 17 sec.

Concept: Metamorphosed characters using by three languages including Korean, Chinese and Japanese.


This is the story about magic square.

Something passes through the square which were changed the character made by words. 

Team E

Members: Nanami SAITO, OK Seyoung, JIANG YingYing

Supporter: Harune SATO

Music: KANG Shinae, Asuka ITO

Sound: Lingyan SONG

Format: Mixed media, Marbling, Drawing animation, Live action

Time: 2min 8sec

Concept: We mixed the technique of Marbling and drawing. First we tried to make the sequence of Marbling. Then we mixed it with drawing animation. We tried to make unexpected motion and mixed with the character.


There is a boy. One day he walks on the street and finds a woman.

Suddenly He fall in love with her at a first sight.

His emotion floats and goes to move out from his body.

He tries to control the emotion but it gets bigger and bigger.