CAMPUS Asia Mixed Reality Workshop / August 28 – September 10, 2018

The CAMPUS Asia MR Workshop took place from August 28, 2018, to September 10, 2018, at the Korea National University of Arts (K-ARTS) School of Film, TV & Multimedia.

This workshop in XR (extended reality) was the third installment following a series of VR workshops in February and August 2017. It was organized by K-ARTS with participation from the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School and the Communication University of China.

Student participants learned about XR solutions (VR, AR, MR) and IoE wearables through hands-on experience and gained an understanding of the differences between VR and MR platforms and contents.

The students collaborated in international teams to design and create their own contents.

In the final presentation, students and professors from the three countries experienced the projects using the HoloLens, then shared their thoughts on the projects and gave feedback for improvements.


Korea National University of Arts

IMON Gazi | 3rd-year Undergraduate Student, Animation

TEE Kim Thiam | 3rd-year Undergraduate Student, Animation

KO Seungah | 1st-year Master’s Student, Animation

JOO Suhyun | 2nd-year Master’s Student, Animation

LEE Jeeyoon | 2018 Master Graduate, Animation

Tokyo University of the Arts

SAITO Nanami | 1st-year Master’s Student, Animation

IKEDA Ai | 2nd-year Master’s Student, New Media

SATO Miku | 2nd-year Master’s Student, New Media

Communication University of China

LIAO Wenrui | 3rd-year Undergraduate Student, Art and Design

WANG Xiaoying | 3rd-year Undergraduate Student, Digital Media Arts (Network Design)

DENG Jingfei | 2nd-year Master’s Student, Art and Design


Korea National University of Arts

LEE Jungmin | Professor

YOO Sanghyun | Unity Director

PARK Jongshin | 3D Mentor

HONG Seongjun | Sound Mentor

PARK Hansol | Unity Mentor

KIM Gojin | Technician

YUN Soonjae | Technician

LEE Juhyun | Assistant

LEE Sohyoung | Assistant Student

LEE Kyunghwa | CAMPUS Asia Coordinator

OH sanga | CAMPUS Asia Coordinator

Tokyo University of the Arts

MATSUMOTO Yuichi | Assistant Professor

Ghost Go

Member: DENG Jingfei,TEE Kim Thiam, WANG Xiaoying

Story: Ghost Go is an interactive app that uses the HoloLens to interact with cute ghosts. 

We want to show children that ghosts are not real and are nothing to be afraid of. 

We hope all the kids will bravely face the supernatural.

Food Challenge

Member: IMON Gazi, LIAO Wenrui, SATO Miku

Story: The westernization of dietary habits and overeating are growing problems in recent years.

Young people eat fast food and junk food in front of their computers all the time.

They are well versed in the digital world, but they don’t know enough about their own bodies in the real world.


Member: IKEDA Ai, KO Seungah, SAITO Nanami

Story: In this project, we tried to make a world that exists between the imaginary and the real.

We began by making rooms based on the real world.

Then, we placed a swimming whale in the rooms.

The whale floats above the rooms until the user clicks on the whale, causing it to fall to the ground.

The user can have an experience that is like being in an unreal world.


Member: JOO Suhyun, PARK Hansol, LEE Jeeyoon

Story: Kim Jeong-ho was a 19th-century cartographer who made the Daedongyeojido, an early map of the Korean peninsula.

We followed the traces of his map of Seoul to recreate the city’s past.

Using MR technology, we created a simplified version of Seoul in the past, allowing people to see the broad strokes of the city’s history at a glance and follow the footsteps of Kim Jeong-ho.