2019 Co-work

Pre-production is carried out in Japan while production and post-production are carried out in Korea. Korea-China double degree program began and begin discussions regarding the Korea-Japan double degree program. 

Values of East Asia

The emotion, culture, and value shared by the three East Asian countries.

Team A

Members: Kurosawa Sachiyo, Kim Danim, Min Ji Hye, Xu Wei, Chen Peinan

Format: Stop Motion, 2D

Time: 02:23

Concept: From different perspectives, we see different things.


Three people gathered in a brightly lantern. A shadow of something hangs between the light of the lantern. People look at shadows from different positions and argue with their opinions. 

Rock, scissors, paper. 

When the lantern collapses, there is a hand inside. It’s not a rock, scissors or paper. It was just a hand that meant nothing. When you look at something from different position, they are trying to figure out the answer from a different perspective. It may not all be the correct answer. 

Team B

Members: Ikeda Kano, Joo Hyunsang, Lee Yebin, Li Muyang, Zhao Yiqiao

Format: 2D Digital cut-out, Digital 2D animation, 3D modeling

Time: 01:57


Three yokai (Dokkebi, Jiangshi, Gappa) try to scare people but however, they fail. So they work together to have revenge.

Team C

Members: Wu Yueqi, Lee Juhyun, Kim Minsung, Tan Jing

Format: 2D digital drawing and digital cut-out

Time: 01:49

Concept: Simple & Humor


A Ghost who keeps finding the best place to rest finally make it by the help of fengshui.  

Team D

Members: Matsumura Nao, Li Shuqin, Shin Ilmin, Lee Dabin, Huang Kaili

Format: Digital 2D drawing

Time: 01:48


Three people watching the moon in the same time.

Team E

Members: Kishimoto Yuna, Lin Zengliang, Hwang Yoochae, Bang Jiwoo, Yu Ruyue

Format: Digital 2D drawing and digital cut out

Time: 02:10

Concept: Drama


3 People with mask came out of their own group. Each group represents China, Japan and Korea. They put off the mask and meet each other with their own faces.