2020 Co-work

This year the entire project took place online due to COVID-19. Mixed teams from K-Arts, GEIDAI, and CUC engaged in intensive animation production from concept development to completed works for 11 days from August 17 (Mon) – 29 (Sat), 2020.

Asian Silly Symphony

This year’s concept is “Asian Silly Symphony,” inspired by the classic Disney series, and students created 5 short works set to music with the aim of providing an uplifting message amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

五行交響曲 × 오행교향곡  × 五行交响曲 (Five Elements Symphony)

Team Wood

Members: ODA Amane, WON Dongyoung, LIU Huan, ZHU Congpin, XU Jiaxi

Format: Hand drawing, Digital Painting, 3d modeling

Time: 01:11

Concept: As our element is wood, we want to show some kind of life force and depict how it gives us the energy to survive.


A girl who is isolated in a room of glass finds a blue butterfly outside. As she follows the butterfly, she passes a barren world. She reaches a mysterious forest. She sees the butterfly grow a big tree in a flash, and the tree invites her to enter a new world. Then, she wakes up in a hospital bed.

Team Fire

Members ABE Yuka, KYO Tetsukin, KIM Soyoung, LEE Juhyun, HUANG Xiaotang, MA Rui

Format: 2D Digital drawing

Time: 01:15

Concept: We described fire as a metaphor of hope, passion and prayer.

Our purpose is to encourage people who are having a hard time.


Fire characters which symbolize Japan, China and Korea are traveling around the world to bring light everywhere and encourage other people in this difficult world.

Team Earth

Members: JUNG Daeun, LI Tongyue, LI Cheng, LYU Yifei

Format: 2D Computer

Time: 01:08

Concept: Using earth, three artists create pottery that bears life.


Three people from three different countries collaborate to create an art piece. They collect clay, make a vase, and fire it in a kiln. On the surface of the freshly created vase, life flowers and flourishes. The power of life extends to the blooming peach blossom, brightening the human void. Connecting the three cultures together, the earth transforms into a piece of pottery that serves as a birthplace for life.

Team Metal

Members: MATSUMOTO Iyo, LIU Yuchen, PARK Haeseong, WANG Miao, Qian Kun

Supporter: HWANG Yoochae

Format: Stop-motion

Time: 01:03

Concept: This film is about the element “metal.”

The main character is a white tiger, which symbolizes metal in the wuxing “five elements” theory.

The coins are suggestive of gold.


The white tiger represents metal from the Chinese “five elements” theory. We designed the white tiger to chase a gold coin. First, as the symbol of metal, the white tiger has a natural desire to control metal; secondly, the tiger is a metaphor for people’s pursuit of material things. We also show the fun of the tiger turning into a coin. The story shows the tiger pursuing a material object and eventually becoming a material object itself. And finally, the tiger turns into toys in the claw machine.

Team Water

Members: WANG JunJie, ZAIKE Makiko, YOO Hye Ree, SUN Yifeng, LIU Jiani

Supporter: LUO Sijia

Format: Acrylic drawing on glass, Digital Drawing

Time: 01:09

Concept: Water is the source of life.

Also, water is both gentle and strong.


A little fairy melts snow and brings spring. The production team voted to select this story, which gives people a sense of hope and light.