2021 Co-work

The theme of Co-work 2021 is “Bird-and-flower Painting, Version 2021”. The traditional painting style is distinct and its subject matters such as flowers, insects, fish, birds and small mammals all express the beauty and endearing charm of nature that exists in close proximity to human beings.

In this year’s Co-work, students created animated short films that show the joy and wonder of these familiar natural forms in a modern interpretation, in sync with music consisting of five parts.

Team Fish

Team members: XU Shuang, SHINKAI Daigo, KIM Sorin, WANG Zhen, LUO Sijia(Supporter)

Technique: Digital Painting, Cutout Animation, Compositing, Editing

Running time:1’02”

Concept: In this short film, we mainly want to use the image of fish to show the longing for freedom and beauty.


A lonely fish who lived in the fish tank saw the fish in the picture. He wanted to play with the painted fish. So he jumped out of the fish tank and into the painting.

Team Insect

Team members: JEONG Haeji, TANIMURA Izumi, YANG Zhennan, XU Xiaoyu, YU Yilang (Supporter)

Technique: Digital Painting, Hand-drawings, Stop Motion animation,

Compositing, Editing Running time: 1’08’’

Concept: It’s about the communication and integration of different painting styles. Famous artworks have enduring charm and can tell us infinite stories about nature, society and ourselves. We chose the ink-style butterfly to lead us on a journey through colorful art styles. Similarly, we humans can meet, choose and love different styles of living. It’s better to look at everything with an inclusive mind.


The butterfly picture recently hanging in the museum has no friends. Awakened by the moonlight, the little white butterfly goes on an amazing adventure into famous paintings to find different art styles and make friends.

Team Bird

Team Members: HARMANDAR Çağıl, SUZUKI Rina, CHOI Hansol, ZHAO Xiangtan, XING Danli, OKADA Shiika(Supporter), CHEN Jiangyu(Supporter)

Used Techniques: Digital 2D Animation (Drawn frame by frame in Photoshop), Motion Design (Blender), Stop Motion (Premiere), Digital Composition and Visual Effects (After Effects)

Running Time: 1:00

Concept: The film is about overcoming our language barriers by using visuals. It connects four different cultures and languages with the simple motif of birds.


Information on Turkey, Japan, Korea and China appears in a notebook. Soon we see eggs made out of different alphabetical characters from the four languages. The word for “bird” in each language comes out of the egg and soon transforms into a real bird. The birds interact with each other on paper, and soon they leave the paper for a new adventure.

Team Flower

Team member: FU Meijun, NAKAGAWA Sawako, JANG Dongin, JIANG Dan, SHI Qiqi, SUN Yifeng

(Support Member)

Technique: Digital Painting, Key Frame Animation, Compositing, Editing Running Time: 1’ 15”

Concept: Based on the poetry of Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, the film shows the beauty of the lotus pond and the artistic conception of the Orient, and it expresses the life of the lotus with poetic drawings.


The lotus flowers bloom after the dragonfly’s kiss in the morning. It is so beautiful, but the beauty is not eternal. In the evening, the petals fall with the sunset.

Team Small Mammals

Team members: CHEN SiYu, KAWABATA Nana, LEE Jihaeng, LEE Sanghwa, MENG Ying, LIN Xinqi (Supporter)

Technique: Digital Painting (TVPaint Animation, ClipStudioPaint), Hand Painting (Watercolor), Compositing, Editing (Adobe After Effects)

Running time: 1’09’’

Concept: Our goal is to capture the adorable nature of the small mammal characters that are depicted in our film. Each animal has its own distinctive charm, and we planned out the composition in order to emphasize those elements. Our animated film consists of two parts; the first half, portrayed in a traditional style, and the latter half, where everything is toned down for the coarse modern atmosphere. We hope the audience would feel compassion for the small animals, thus being inspired to resolve their current predicament.


Long ago, animals roamed freely, throwing dance parties for themselves and living their lives to the fullest. Now, in the modern days, they stay constrained, living in a dull, eventless world. Still, perhaps they will be able to find joy from something that might be considered small, even trivial. The animals dream of enjoying their frolic once more.