2022 Co-work

The theme of the Co-work 2022 is Emotions in Isolation. The COVID-19pandemic divided the world and isolated people. Its hard to imagine a more distinctive period than the current outbreak which has forced such seclusion upon the human race in recent years. However, the reality is that isolation exists everywhere: in war, in social media, at home, and in our minds. What are the emotions that we face in such a predicament? People, even in lonesome situations, are capable of experiencing a multitude of emotions that intertwine, shift and color our inner world. This aspect of humanity has always been examined and expressed through art.

In this year’s Co-work, an ensemble of music and animation was created which consists of five parts, each focusing on an emotion experienced in a state of solitude. These emotions are joy, sadness, fear, anger and peacefulness.

Team Sadness

Members: SIM Yuseon, ZHANG Yuan, LEE Tzuting, AZLING Chandler,

Supporters: SHAN Wenzi, WANG Yifei, ZHU Haoyuan

Technique: Digital 2D Animation, Digital Composition and Visual Effects

Running Time: 1’11”


During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to quarantine alone and were completely separated from family and friends. The most connection they could feel to others was online, but even this form of connection is limited. We believe that the sadness that we experienced in this isolation is largely a result of isolation itself. We express this isolation using a kaleidoscope. Every time the kaleidoscope turns, the images merge, distort, and disappear. The joining and disappearing of the images in the kaleidoscope symbolizes the inability to fully meet real life.


A young woman is living alone during the COVID-19 pandemic. She becomes overwhelmed by the sadness of the separation she feels from her family and friends.

Team Fear

Members: KIM Jungsoo, YOSHIHARA Musashi, HU Yuanfang, JO Eunbi

Supporters: JIANG Yuxuan, WU Ke, ZHANG Shiqi

Technique: Digital Drawing, Digital Cutout

Running Time: 1’03”


“Fear” always stands close to us. We just don’t notice it as usual. We notice at the right time and feel it if we are scared. It follows useverywhere, and we can’t escape from it. However, we also think fear is necessary to protect us from danger. So, we swallow it like a pill and learn to live with it.


A big face appears in the searchlight. The character feels afraid of the big shadow. The character tries to escape from it, but it chases him. Finally, he is driven into a corner. Suddenly, the big face eats the character. The character thought the big face was trying to eat him. But at the end, he recognizedthat the big face was trying to protect itself from the shadows. The big face looks just like the character’s own face.

Team Anger

Team members: PARK Yuseon, YAMAMOTO Nao, WEI Yujun, TADA Akari

Supporters: LIN Xingqi, WEI Yiyang, ZHONG Jing

Technique: Digital Drawing, Digital Editing, 3D Modeling

Running time: 1’13’


 “Anger” is a complicated and powerful emotion, a combination of both vulnerability and power. We get angry when we are offended, misunderstood, hurt, dissatisfied, or disgusted. Without effective communication with others and our inner world, those mixed feelings ultimately evolve into destructive deeds, which may lead to irreversible consequences. It grows from a fight between individuals to fights between groups and between countries.


A bacteria is floating above a crowd and finally lands on Mr. A. The bacteria grew bigger and coveredhis face. Mr. A tried to get rid of it, but he accidentally hit Mr. B. Mr. B felt offended and shouted at Mr. A. Mr. A tried to explain, but the bacteria blocked his words. Mr. B kept shouting. Mr. A felt wronged and became angry too. They fought each other, and the bacteria spread while they were fighting. The same happened to the crowd. Battles erupted everywhere and ultimately turned into big monsters. The world ended in worldwide wars.

Team Peacefulness

Team members: RUAN Yishu, HEO Yeonhwa, YANG Yini

Supporters: PAN Jiayu, XIAO Shiqi, ZHANG Ruihan

Technique: Digital Drawing, Digital Editing

Running time: 1’10”


We find interesting things in the outside world at first, but we ultimately find peace in our inner world.


In this isolated world, a lonely girl looks out the window. Over time, she sees beautiful things through the window, real or virtual, and discovers the larger world. Perhaps the connection to the world makes her happier. But in the end, no matter how many things come her way, she has to come back to herself. So everything comes back to her heart. When everything leads her to the ego, she can finally find peace.

Team Joy

Team Members: ARAKI Saki, KIM Minkyung, MAI Gen

Supporters: LEE Yi Shuan, CHEN Jiangyu, WONG Hui Yue, YANG Yunfei

Technique: Digital Drawing

Running time: 1’07”


It is about sharing joy with friends, even when we are separated by quarantine.


During the quarantine, the three animals—the panda, tiger and rabbit—communicate through social media, help each other, share apple pies, and feel joy.