June 27-July 3, 2023 @ King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi organized the Cross-Cultural Animation Workshop placing a strong emphasis on fostering the development of students and personnel with international perspectives.

Storytelling Workshop (June 27-July 3, 2023)

30 students from 5 schools teamed up to created 1~2 mins clips after a lecture on storytelling by Leslie Oliver and cultural sight-seeing experiences.

Harmony | 1min 35 secs

K-Arts: Moon Heesoo
CUC: Wei Yujun
Silpakorn: Phimmada Makmee
KMUTT: Wasutorn Juangpholngam, Lasida Wasthong

Gone with the Heat | 53 secs

K-Arts: Park Jaemin
CUC: Li Siyuan
Silpakorn: Suthima Thongsamud
KMUTT: Nitipat Pattamasopa, Pattarathida Butsra 

Encore | 1 min 13 secs

K-Arts: Kim Nayoung, Choi Hyuk
CUC: Mai Gen
KMUTT: Nasiri Siriyamant, Nattachai Wangraha

Do It | 1 min 16 secs  

K-Arts: An Hyunjung, Heo Yeonhwa
CUC: Li Xiaolei
Silpakorn: Rumshai Nuchpitak
KMUTT: Rawiporn Jantarasorn

Look at Meow | 1 min 57 secs

K-Arts: Kim Seungyeon
CUC: Jia Qianqian
Silpakorn: Artit Poltad
KMUTT: Supitcha Kasornbua, Nalinrat Intasen

Ice cream | 1 min 30 secs

K-Arts: Sung Kihyun
CUC: Wen Yutian
Silpakorn: Monnapat Eiamudomkal
KMUTT: Jidapha Leardlatthapawn, Meeranun Songsiri

Screening (June 28, 2023)

5 showcases combine with resent students’ works of each university were screened.

  • King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
  • Silpakorn University
  • Tokyo University of the Arts
  • Korea National University of Arts
  • Communication University of China

Seminar (July 1, 2023)

10 speakers from 5 universities presented their recent researches on local animation, new media and game field under the theme of Cross Cultural Animation.

  • Reportage of Ratanakosin Island
    Chanisa Changadvech (Lecturer, Visual Communication Design Department Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University)
  • The Creation of Animation Media to Promote the Image of Dinosaurs Discovered in Thailand
    Duangdao Tulaphitak (Lecturer, Media Arts, King Mongkut’s University of Technology)
  • Flow of the Korean Animation Industry: Focusing on TV Series Animation
    OH Sang a (Assistant researcher of CAMPUS Asia Korea National University of Arts)
  • Women in Korean Animation ‘Why We Need Diverse Voices’
    HyeJin(Jinny) CHOO (Ph.D., Guest Professor at Korea National University of Arts)
  • New Contents Require Traditional Techniques
    Asako Eguchi (Project Associate Professor Department of Animation, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts)
  • New Trends in Animation Aesthetics
    Jia Xiuqing (Professor, Director of Department of Discipline Construction and Development, Communication University of China)
  • Digital Reflection on Traditional Chinese Culture and Art
    Ye Wang (Ph.D., Deputy Director of the Department of Smart Media Design, the School of Animation and digital art, Communication University of China)
  • Peace and Innocence in Traditional Chinese Art
    Cheng Xing (Ph.D., Lecturer of the Animation Department of the School of Animation and Digital Art, Communication University of China)
  • Virtual Space Production and Scene Reproduction: The Application and Transmission of Traditional Cultural Elements in E-Sports Communication
    Wu Yanan (Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the School of Animation and Digital Arts)
  • A New Perspective of Design: A Sparkle between Art and Nature Science
    Wang Jue (Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Academic Development Center, Communication University of China)