Seminar Day (Jan. 21, 2024)

Part 1: Co-work: Pandemic and Post-Pandemic

Co-work is a project name short for “Japan-China-Korea Students’ Co-work of Animation” which began in 2010. Students from the three countries form mixed teams to complete short animated projects. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the project was kept alive through online efforts, but resumed in-person production in 2023. Co-work alumni from during and after the global chaos will present the processes and results of their collaboration.

Part 2: AAEN Student Works

Asian Animation Education Network (AAEN) is an initiative that began in 2021 to further enhance the higher education of animation in Asia. Its aim is to nurture talent who can lead the future of animation culture, art and industry. In this part, students from the four main AAEN universities will present their work.

Part 3: The Latest in Asian Animation Education

Throughout Asia animation is widely appreciated but is still limited in areas that offer higher education in that field. Especially in the ASEAN region, the history and current climate of its animation and academic approaches are yet to be shared with the rest of the world. The Asian Animation Education Network (AAEN) opens doors to these realms and encourages the exchange of views on the activities and achievements in Asian countries.

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The Latest in Asian Animation Education

Academic Teaching in Pre-production Design for Animation

Chanisa Changadvech (Professor, Visual Communication Design Department Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University)

Education in Concept Arts and Professional Careers

Vorrarit Pornkerd (Visiting Professor, Visual Communication Design Department Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University Supervisor & Project Manager, Riff Animation Studio)

Tokyo Geidai student projects of hand-drawn 360-degree images and videos

Nahomi Maki (Associate Professor, Department of Animation Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts)

Animation as a Spatial Narrative Element―Practical Exploration of Lightscape Design for City Night Walk

Yichen Jiang (Lecturer & Deputy Director, Environmental Design Department School of Theater, Film and Television, Communication University of China)

Development of Global Cultural Content Co-Education Program

Eunyoung Jang (Lecturer, Korea National University of Arts)

Sang-a Oh (Assistant Researcher of CAMPUS Asia, Korea National University of Arts)

Development of Lao Animation

Souliya Phoumivong (Head of Visual Communication Design Department National Institute of Fine Arts, Laos)