(1) The CAMPUS Asia MR Workshop took place from August 28, 2018, to September 10, 2018, at the Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) School of Film, TV & Multimedia. This workshop in XR (extended reality) was the third installment following a series of VR workshops in February and August 2017. It was organized by K-Arts with participation from the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School and the Communication University of China. Student participants learned about XR solutions (VR, AR, MR) and IoE wearables through hands-on experience and gained an understanding of the differences between VR and MR platforms and contents. The students collaborated in international teams to design and create their own contents. In the final presentation, students and professors from the three countries experienced the projects using the HoloLens, then shared their thoughts on the projects and gave feedback for improvements..

(2) Date: August 28 – September 10, 2018 (2 weeks)

(3) Venue: Department of Animation, Korea National University of Arts

(4) Attendees: 5 K-Arts students, 6 overseas students (3 students from Communication University of China, 4 students from Tokyo University of the Arts), 1 faculty from Tokyo University of the Arts

Download and View : MR Workshop


K-Arts 한국예술종합학교

Name Grade
JOO Soohyeon / 주수현 2nd-year Master’s Student / 전문사 2학년
KO Seungah / 고승아 1st-year Master’s Student / 전문사 1학년
TEE Kim Thiam / 킴 티암 티 3rd-year Undergraduate Student / 학부 3학년
IMON Gazi / 가지 이몬 3rd-year Undergraduate Student / 학부 3학년
LEE Jeeyoon / 이지윤 2018 Master Graduate, Animation / 2018 전문사 졸업생


CUC 중국전매대학

Name Grade
DENG Jingfei / 등 징페이 2nd-year Master’s Student, Art and Design / 석사 2학년
WANG Xiaoying / 왕 샤오잉 3rd-year Undergraduate Student, Digital Media Arts (Network Design) 학부 3학년
LIAO Wenrui / 리아오 웬루이 3rd-year Undergraduate Student, Art and Design / 학부 3학년


Geidai 도쿄예술대학

Name Grade
IKEDA Ai / 이케다 아이 2nd-year Master’s Student, New Media / 미디어 영상과 석사 2학년
SATO Miku / 사토 미쿠 2nd-year Master’s Student / 미디어 영상과 석사 2학년
SAITO Nanami / 사이토 나나미 1st-year Master’s Student / 애니메이션과 석사 1학년


K-Arts 한국예술종합학교

Name Affiliation
LEE Jungmin / 이정민 Professor / 교수
YOO Sanghyun / 유상현 Unity Director / 지도 강사
PARK Jongshin / 박종신 3D Mentor / 3D 멘토
HONG Seoungjun / 홍성준 Sound Mentor / 사운드 멘토
PARK Hansol / 박한솔 Unity Mentor / 유니티 멘토
KIM Gojin / 김고진 Assistant / 어시스턴트
YOON Soonjae / 윤순재 Assistant / 어시스턴트
LEE Juhyun / 이주현 Assistant / 어시스턴트
LEE Soyoung / 이소영 Assistant Student/ 어시스턴트
LEE Kyunghwa / 이경화 CAMPUS Asia Coordinator / 코디네이터
OH Sanga / 오상아 CAMPUS Asia Coordinator / 코디네이터


GEIDAI 도쿄예술대학

Name Affiliation
MATSUMOTO Yuichi / 마츠모토 유이치 Assistant Professor / 조교수