CJK Forum 2021

2020 China-Japan-Korea International Animation Forum was an international conference hosted as a part of Campus-Asia Project. The forum was held online, and opened to the public on the Internet.

Date: December 26 (Sat) 2020, 14:00-16:30 (Beijing time)
Organizer: Communication University of China (CUC)
Cooperation: Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) , Tokyo University of the Arts (GEIDAI)

Speaker  Topic
Lee Jungmin_Vice dean and professor of the School of Film, TV and Multimedia, K-Arts  The change of content environment and Korea-China-Japan cooperation
Juhyun Lee_M2 student in the Department of Animation, K-Arts  Fusion of Asian Mythology and Science Fiction: Good Hunting from Love, Death & Robot
Ann Tomoko Yamamoto_Project Assistant Professor, GEIDAI  Animation Crowdfunding and Community Creation
Kazuki Yuhara_M2 student, GEIDAI  Creative Evolution from 2D Animation to Games
Sun Bin_Digital Media Art, CUC  The Empathy Strategy of Virtual Reality Documentary
Tian Yulin_PhD candidate in the School of Animation and Digital Arts, CUC  Poetically Dwell in the Cyberspace: Bodily Perception and its Design Implication in Game