The China-Japan-Korea 2021 International Forum on Animation and Digital Art was an international conference hosted as a part of the Campus-Asia Project. The forum was held online, and opened to the public on the Internet.














Date & Time: December 29, 2021 2:00-4:30 PM  (GMT+8)

Organizer: Communication University of China (CUC)

Participating institution: Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts), Tokyo University of the Arts (GEIDAI)

14:00-14:15 Welcome Address
                     JIA Xiuqing, Professor and Director of Science Research Department of CUC
14:13-14:35 Keynote Speech
                    KWAK Youngjin, Course Director of the Department of Animation and Vice Dean of the School of Film, TV and Multimedia, K-ARTS
14:35-16:30 Oral Session
                    Chiar: LIU Shuliang, Associate Professor, School of Animation and Digital Art, CUC            

1. On the Evolution and Popularity of Webtoons
(PARK Haeseong, 2nd-year MFA, Department of Animation, K-ARTS)
2. Creating “Dissipate”: Its Inevitability to me
(SAITO Kohei, Education and Research Assistant, Department of Animation, GEIDAI)
3. Yokai Culture Depicted Through Stopmotion Animation
(SOEJIMA Shinobu, 1st-year PhD, Department of Animation, GEIDAI)
4. The Concrete Influence of the Theory of Artistic Conception in Chinese Classical Aesthetics on the Creation of Animation Works
(MAI Gen, 1st-year PhD, School of Animation and Digital Art, CUC)
5. The Impact of Sharing Economy on the Game Industry
(LI Lingfei, 2nd-year PhD, School of Animation and Digital Art, CUC)
6. Rethinking on the “Authenticity” of Animation Art in Digital Age
(SONG Leiyu, 2nd-year PhD, School of Animation and Digital Art, CUC)
7. Research on the Breaking Way of “Chinese School” Animation Film
(YANG Yixuan, PhD and Lecturer of Beijing Forestry University Art and Design Academy)