Kickoff Meeting


The kickoff meeting was held on Jan 20, 2017 at Communication University of China (CUC). We discussed future plans for the CAMPUS Asia program. 



Sehyung Park (Professor)

Jungmin Lee (Professor)

Minjung Ko (Coordinator)

Tokyo University of the Arts

Okamoto (Professor)

Ann Yamamoto (Assistant Professor, English translator)

Yuichi Matsumoto (Technical Support)

Yuanyuan Hu (Chinese translator)

Asako Eguchi (Assistant Professor)

Communication University of China 

Jia Xiuqing (Art Faculty – Vice Dean -Professor)

Zhou Jianxin (Art Faculty – Undergraduate Education Office – Director) 

Wang Jue (Art Faculty – Undergraduate Education Office – Project Supervisor) 

Gao Weihua (Animation and Digital Art School – Professor) 

Cheng Xing (Animation and Digital Art School – Lectuer)

Xu Yixin (Educational Administration Office of CUC – Dean)

Liu Fenghai (School of International Education –  Deputy director)

Li Lin (International Students’ Office – School of International Education – Program coordinator)