MR Workshop / Aug 28-Sep 10, 2018


(1) The CAMPUS Asia MR Workshop took place from August 28, 2018, to September 10, 2018, at the Korea National University of Arts (K-ARTS) School of Film, TV & Multimedia. This workshop in XR (extended reality) was the third installment following a series of VR workshops in February and August 2017. It was organized [...]

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2nd VR Cubic Workshop / Aug 14-27, 2017


1) Workshop Description: This was an upgraded version of the first VR cubic workshop. In the first workshop (February 2017), the participants developed VR environments related to famous historical figures from each country. In contrast, participants in the second workshop (August 2017) created their own VR gallery environments as personal projects. A total of 14 [...]

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VR Cubic Workshop / Feb 6-19, 2017


1)Workshop Description: This workshop provides the skills needed to build compelling VR content with HTC Vive. Students have the opportunity to make their own virtual cube and demonstrate their work with assistance from experts. 2)Date: February 6-19, 2017 (2 weeks) 3)Venue: Department of Animation, Korea National University of Arts 4)Attendees: 10 K-Arts students, 12 overseas students [...]

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2016 Korea-China-Japan International Animation Symposium


Date Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 2-6 pm Venue L114, K'ARTS Hosted by KOREAGRAPH Organized by KOREAGRAPH, K'ARTS, Chung-Ang University Supported by The Korea-Janpan Cultural Exchange council 일시 2016년 12월 21일(수) 오후 2시-6시 장소 한국예술종합학교 영상원 L114호 주최 사단법인 코리아그래프 주관 사단법인 코리아그래프, 한국예술종합학교, 중앙대학교 후원 문화체육관광부 한일문화교류회의 일정 Schedule Session [...]

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Kickoff Meeting


The kickoff meeting was held on Jan 20, 2017 at Communication University of China (CUC). We discussed future plans for the CAMPUS Asia program.  Participant KARTS Sehyung Park (Professor) Jungmin Lee (Professor) Minjung Ko (Coordinator) Tokyo University of the Arts Okamoto [...]

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